Holiday home for max. 4 guests

Location: Revin in the French Ardennes

You can always postpone your planned stay free of charge
if the Corona measures are tightened again.

House rules

Arrival and departure

Arrival on Friday from 3 p.m.
Departure no later than 11:00 a.m. on Monday

Arrival on Monday from 3 p.m.
Departure no later than 11:00 a.m. on Friday

Week (Monday – Monday)
Arrival on Monday from 3 p.m.
Departure no later than 11:00 a.m. on next Monday

Week (Friday – Friday)
Arrival on Friday from 3 p.m.
Departure no later than 11:00 a.m. on next Friday

During your stay
We kindly request you to treat the property with great respect. You are bound to abide by the house rules. Non-compliance with one or more rules will unfortunately result in this being deducted from the deposit.

Maximum number of people
A total of 4 people can use the house, of which at least 1 is of age. An exception to this rule is for a child younger than 1 year who can use the cot at no extra cost. A possible fifth person is welcome provided that the person provides an air mattress and bed linen.

Inventory list
Check the existing inventory list shortly after arrival. If something on this list is missing or has been irreparably damaged, please report this to your local contact person after confirmation. If you do not immediately report missing or broken inventory, there is a chance that the replacement value will be deducted from the deposit you have paid.

Sofa bed
In the living room there is a sofa bed with 2 single mattresses. These can be slept on.

To be on the safe side, bring your own toilet paper.

It is not allowed to smoke in the cottage.

Wireless Internet
The use of the wireless internet is free. The network security key is available on site.

The home telephone is available to enable wireless internet. This phone cannot be used.

Downloading and uploading music and films via illegal websites and distributing spam is not permitted. High fines apply in France. If a tenant does not comply with this prohibition and therefore causes a fine, this is at the expense of the tenant.

Please collect waste continuously and dispose of regularly. Make sure that no waste or empty bottles are left behind when you leave.

The garbage can only be put out on a Wednesday night at the red fire hydrant (opposite Cafe La Civette) – leaving garbage on other days is strictly forbidden and costs you a deposit (we pay the fine that we get).

Also, no garbage may be left in the gray garbage container of Cafe La Civette. The village has public trash cans (hung transparent trash bags) and you can also take your trash to the recycling platform (on the road to Fumay).

Use textile
Bath, kitchen textiles and bed linen are available.

At the end of the rental period you are expected to change the used textiles and linen with the washing machine and to hang them up to dry.

Washing machine
The washing machine is on the ground floor.

Please do not use more detergent than prescribed in the instructions.

Take detergent with you to be on the safe side.

Wood stove

Wood for the wood-burning stove is stored in the basement, which is only accessible to collect firewood for the wood-burning stove.

This wood is offered to you for free and is exclusively intended for use in the cottage. There is enough wood for your stay and you are therefore expected to leave enough wood in the basement for the next tenant.

Replenishing the wood yourself in the basement is possible (even desirable), but of course not mandatory.

The French hostess does not regularly check the amount of wood, so the tenant who sees a shortage coming for the next tenant must report this to the hostess.

Use only clean, dry and unprocessed wood and no newspaper, plastic or other (harmful) materials.
Light the stove with kindling wood 25 to 30 cm long and 2 to 5 cm wide.

After using the wood-burning stove, the stove must be made ash-free.

Keep it clean
Keeps all rooms clean and tidy.

At the end of the rental period you are expected to take care of the final cleaning and leave the holiday home clean.

Drugs and Alcohol
The possession and use of any form or type of drugs in the holiday home is not permitted.

After a violation has been established, the stay of the tenant (s), regardless of the time of day, can be terminated immediately.

Be moderate with alcohol consumption.

Excessive noise
Avoid disturbing the neighbors by keeping the sound levels of TV, music and mutual conversation within acceptable standards. No sound can be heard outside the cottage after 10 p.m.

Personal belongings of the owners
Personal belongings of the owners of the house are behind the white curtains in the attic. These items are privately owned and are not intended for use by tenants.

We share the terrace with our French neighbors. You as a tenant have the right of way.

Outside barbecue
The garden will be ready in 2020 and we hope to have an outdoor barbecue.

How do you leave the house after your stay
In addition to the rental price, no separate cleaning costs are charged because as a tenant you are expected to leave the house and terrace tidy.

This means that the house is cleaned and vacuumed and the furniture dusted, the bedding is removed from the beds and put in the washing machine (program of 50 minutes) and then put in the dryer and (if it is possible afterwards) folded back on the beds, but this is not mandatory).

This applies to all textiles in the house from the bathroom, kitchen and the beds. You do not have to make the beds again, but you do put new clean bedding on the beds ready for the next tenant (s). New tenants make their own bed. There is enough bedding in the house.

The wood-burning stove leaves you ash-free and garbage is taken by the tenants.

The dishwasher should be left empty and the furniture must be complete and whole.

The intention is that the cottage is ready to receive the following guests after your departure.
The French hostess will check all this after your departure and she will determine whether the deposit is fully, partially or not refunded to the tenants.

Availability calendar
Yellow: changeover day - Green: Available - Red: Occupied
Weekend € 100,00 / € 130,00 (3 nights)
Midweek € 140,00 / € 200,00 (4 nights)
Week € 185,00 / € 250,00 (7 nights)

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Emergency numbers in France

  • European emergency number also with your mobile: 112
  • Police : 17
  • Fire brigade (Fire, accidents and medical care): 18
  • SAMU (Medical emergencies in the agglomeration): 15
    On this number you will get in touch with a doctor from the SAMU on 24h / 24.
  • There is a English speaking general practitioner located in Revin. His name is Dr. Michel van den Bergh. Google for its current phone number.